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Monday, May 23, 2005

If your sitting at a poker table and don't know who the Patsy is

I keep hearing people express concern because they don't know where to invest their money. With interest rates being so low, bonds, CD's and savings pay just enough for a person to say..."Where should I put my money?".

So begins the search for the land of opportunity. They look at Europe and Latin America, only to discover they are in bad shape. China has growth, but unless you know what your getting into, your investing in a country where anything goes (including screwing investors) as long as it doesn't interfere with the government.

So, if your sitting at table and don't know who the patsy is... Your it! Look no further, your sitting on a gold mine and you don't know it. US STOCKS, there's no place like it. For all the problems the US has, its less, and more resilient then other countries. There is no place on earth without problems, there will always be problems, but you have to ask which economy can best absorb and deal with its problems.

The dollar has been going up, US treasuries are being bought to the point it is yielding 4%. Clearly foreigners are pouring their money into the US. Why would they buy US treasuries yielding a measly 4%, because there is no better place to put it.

US assets are safe, but there is only one US asset that will show a decent return for the next 6 months. US STOCKS.


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