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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Stocks that go BOOM

DYNAMIC MATERIALS (NasdaqSC:BOOM) specializes in explosion cladding,
say what?
Bonding metals using controlled explosions.
so what?
explosive cladding can marry two metals that can't be welded.
what's the point?
It's a cost-saver because it avoids the necessity of making a thicker wall of more expensive material.
Who needs it?
Petrochemical, refining, hydrometallurgy, aluminum, shipbuilding and energy industries.
Prove it!
Income from operations is up 306% and revenue increased 72%.
How about the competition?
Dynamic materials has 60% of the market share, next biggest play is
Asahi Kasei in Japan.
Shouldn't DM be worried about
Asahi Kasei?
If your a plant in New Jersey, would you rather have it shipped from PA or Japan?

Materials is an undervalued sector. If I had to pick one materials stock for a growth porfolio, BOOM would be it.


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